Introduction macOS clients in opsi

This manual describes the operation of macOS clients in opsi.

It’s assumed that the installation and startup of an opsi-server has already been performed.

Essential topics of this manual:

  1. Adding and integrating macOS computers in opsi (Installation of the opsi-mac-client-agent)

  2. Deployment of opsi standard software for macOS on the opsi-server .

  3. Installation of standard software on macOS clients

  4. opsi standard software for macOS under opsi

  5. Packaging of own software

  6. Creation of opsi packages

  7. Notes about macOS clients

    1. Special commands for macOS

    2. Directories you may use

    3. The pseudo user opsisetupadmin

Conventions of this document

Commands are highlighted separately:

this is a command

As part of the installation and configuration process, you can copy and execute the commands from these fields in order by copy & paste from this document.

Commands or file names will be highlighted as: opsi-set-rights oder /Applications/opsi-script.

This is an opsi-script code:

Message "Installing "+ $ProductId$ +" ..."

Chapters containing the name of a particular platform are specific to that platform. The supported platforms are:

  • Windows

  • Linux

  • macOS