opsi-client-agent web service

Reading log files

  • log_read
    Reads an opsi log file available on the client.
    Parameters: logType *extension *maxSize
    Possible logType values are 'opsiclientd', 'opsiclientdguard', 'opsi-client-agent', 'opsi-script', 'opsi_loginblocker', 'notifier_block_login' and 'notifier_event'.
    Rotated log files (log.1, log.2, _1.log, _2.log etc.) can be selected with the parameter 'extension'.
    Possible values are 0-9.
    The 'maxSize' parameter limits the output to the specified value in bytes.

Updating a opsi-client-agent component

  • updateComponent
    Update a opsi-client-agent component from an URL.
    Parameters: *component *url
    Possible values for component are: 'opsiclientd'.
    The update will be loaded from the specified url (possible protocols are: 'http', 'https' and 'file'). The update has to be packaged as an archive (zip / tar / tar.gz / tar.bz2) containing the files of the component.

Alternatively, it is possible to upload the archive via a POST request to /upload/update/opsiclientd.
For example:

curl --insecure --request POST \
	--user ':<opsi-client-host-key>' \
	--header 'Content-Disposition: filename=oca.zip' \
	--data-binary '@path/to/opsiclientd_windows_x86_<version>.zip' \