General Information about Linux

opsi Directories on Linux

The following important opsi directories exist on a Linux client:

  • /var/log/opsi-script: opsi-script logfiles

  • /var/log/opsi-client-agent: other opsi logfiles

  • /usr/bin/opsi: executable opsi programs

  • /opt/opsi-script: opsi-script directory

  • /etc/opsi-client-agent: configuration files of the Linux client agent

  • /etc/opsi-script: opsi-script configuration files

  • /usr/lib: auxiliary libraries, e.g. for SSL, Ncurses etc.

  • /usr/lib/opsiclientd: opsiclientd directory

  • /usr/lib/opsi-client-agent/opsiclientd/locale: opsi-script language files

  • /usr/share/opsi-client-agent: various subdirectories with configuration files, scripts, etc.

  • /var/lib/opsi-client-agent/opsiclientd: SQLite database for the timeline on the opsiclientd info page (see the section opsiclientd Info Page)