All others are called opsi-Depotserver. (Learn more about opsi-server).
After logging into the opsi-webgui, the server selected by default is opsi-Configserver, which is always highlighted in bold. You can manage server selection by navigating to Servers > All Servers.


Selection using Quick Panel

Alternatively, the server selection can also be managed via the Quick Panel. Open the Quick Panel by clicking the button in the right corner of the top menu and select the tab Servers tab in quickpanel. The number next to the icon shows the number of currently selected servers. The first tab Selection tab in quickpanel shows a quick view of the editable list of all selections.

Content of the server tab in the quickpanel

Server Attributes and Parameters (Defaults)

There are two ways to edit the server attributes and parameters: Either via the Server > Configuration page, or Server > All servers and the Configuration button Configuration. The latter has the advantage that you can switch between the servers more quickly, as the configuration is displayed next to the servers.

Quick Save is enabled by default. The parameter changes are saved immediately and the user cannot track changes or undo the last action. For information, see Disable Quick Save.