The opsi server features multiple interfaces, each serving distinct functions. Users with administrative privileges to the opsi server (as detailed in the chapter Authorizations) can view and execute all endpoints by visiting https://<opsi-server>:4447/docs.

API endpoints for opsiconfd

API endpoints for <strong>opsiconfd</strong>


The server data can be modified through the JSON-RPC interface. A comprehensive explanation of the JSON-RPC API is provided in the following chapter, JSON-RPC API.

WebGUI Interface

If the opsiconfd addon WebGUI is installed, it adds a REST API to the server. This API is specifically tailored to meet the requirements of the opsi WebGUI.

Other API Endpoints

  • /status: Provides a simple status output designed for monitoring tools. This endpoint can be accessed without the need for logging in.

status: ok
version: [python-opsi-common=]
date: 2023-11-10T15:50:48+01:00
node: opsi-acme-43_opsi-server_1
fqdn: opsi.acme.corp
redis-status: ok
redis-mem: 32911240
redis-mem-total: 36806536
ssl-ca-valid-days: 713
ssl-cert-valid-days: 73
  • /monitoring: This endpoint is specifically designed for the extension detailed in Nagios Connector.