opsi WebGUI

The opsi WebGUI is a modern, graphical user interface for managing opsi within a web browser. It offers quick access to all opsi components without the need for installing a standalone application. Through the web-based interface, you can configure the opsi server, set up new opsi clients, distribute products, and view log files from various devices.

Technology Stack

The opsi WebGUI is an opsiconfd addon (see chapter opsiconfd Service). After installation, the extension is located on the opsi config server in the directory /var/lib/opsiconfd/addons/webgui. The WebGUI uses the following technologies:

  • FastAPI: The backend is built with this Python framework. It is used for reading and writing data from the MySQL database.

  • Nuxt: The frontend is based on the Vue.js framework. It makes requests to the backend, retrieves data, and displays it in suitable formats.

To enhance performance, the backend interacts directly with the database. Until opsi 4.2, the MySQL extension is a paid extension; from opsi 4.3 onward, it is the standard backend (see chapter MySQL Server). Additionally, the WebGUI communicates with opsiconfd for session handling and logging.